How to reach families with online marketing


Smartphone ownership, social media usage, and more intuitive ways to search online have changed families’ decision-making on how to spend their leisure time forever – something we see clearly in our website data here at Day Out With The Kids.

Today’s modern, digitally-savvy parents expect instant inspiration at their fingertips. While they do a lot of passive browsing in their downtime; they increasingly leave that crucial final decision on where to go to the last minute – in fact, they may already be halfway out the door, or already out.

The opinion and experiences of other parents is also crucial; whether from family & friends or fellow-minded people on the internet.

They’re highly driven by visual content such as images and videos – especially “real” ones created by other parents rather than glossy marketing materials – and experience huge levels of “fear of missing out” as they witness other families having fun on social media.

A mum on her laptop with dad and child in the background
0 %
The amount of parents more likely to commit to a day out if they see photos from other visitors
0 %
The amount of family day out queries on a mobile phone in 2018
0 %
The percentage of families that plan a day out 48 hours in advance or less
0 %
The amount of parents that will seek the opinion of friends before deciding on a day out

5 tips for effective online marketing to families

Be mobile-first

The vast majority of families will view your website or social media channels on their phone. Make a habit of checking how every piece of content you create looks on a mobile – don’t fall into the trap of only looking at it on your computer. Try to have both an iPhone and Android device handy to check on as both can look different

Be online when parents are

Our web data shows families are most active during Friday evenings and Saturday mornings during term time, and Wednesday mornings in school holidays. Ramp up your online advertising during these times for maximum exposure and return on spend, and schedule social posts to go out at these times

Be flexible

Today’s families don’t commit until the last minute. Don’t make them book far in advance if you can help it; and allow flexibility in when they can redeem their tickets to make them most comfortable when booking

Create fear-of-missing-out

Aka, FOMO. Tactics like limited-capacity events and time-sensitive flash sales can help to compel mum to book that ticket, rather than idly browse your website

Share, share, share

Nothing beats word-of-mouth among parents, especially on social media – heavily encourage your visitors to share photos & videos online in real-time while at your venue, and of course to write a review afterwards

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