Families go crazy for crazy golf


2018 saw a growing amount of activity-led entertainment centres opening their doors, with the charge being led by a nostalgic family favourite – crazy golf.

A far cry from its traditional roots as a quaint amusement park activity, the sector is being dragged into the 21st century by modern operators who blend high-spec facilities with good old fashioned fun, and who prefer to be referred to as “adventure golf”.

The venues offer a mix of modern gaming technology with physical activity, kid-friendly food & beverage options, and an affordable price tag that’s going down a storm with families, attracted by the fact it offers something for all age groups.

So much so that the centres have become destinations in their own right rather than an ancillary activity; challenging other traditional competitors in this space such as bowling alleys and cinemas for their share of families’ discretionary leisure spend.


Uplift in Google searches for 'crazy golf' in 2018


Searches for crazy golf on our site in 2018


Spike in crazy golf listing views in February half term 2018

A family playing crazy golf at Mr Mulligans
Top 10 Crazy Golf of 2018

In the know...

Craig Murray from Adventure Leisure Ltd

“The world of adventure golf has radically changed over the past two years as the art of competitive socialising expands across the UK and Europe. What was once a fun outdoor activity for an hour, has now expanded into a day out with the family or night out with friends & colleagues.

In 2018 we opened four new indoor venues, revolutionising the experience with new technology and unseen golfing holes/themes. Customers are no longer satisfied with hitting a small sphere into a cup and it has become pivotal, that with rapid growth, we had to introduce new elements to the venues.  Bournemouth and Birmingham have introduced live queuing systems, on-course touch screen games, on-course drinks service and mounted iPads within the restaurant for kids.

Competition has been fierce, with many new brands entering the space, however many of these venues are targeting the over 18s market. There are some fantastic venues being introduced with eye-catching technology, however we must not forget that our brand and reputation looks after all age groups and abilities and therefore the technology must work for all.

We will continue to open new indoor venues in areas which are yet to receive the adventure golf product, with three more signed off for 2019, starting in Basildon this April. The business has already introduced arcade games in Newcastle, with additional leisure activities coming soon to both the outdoor and indoor venues, keeping customers on site for even longer. The sector will continue to boom for the next 12-24 months, however it is those that innovate, create full experiences and events that will succeed in the market place.”

Craig Murray, former Marketing Manager at Adventure Leisure Ltd. Tweet

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